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You deserve a loving & skilled wellness partner!

Let's get to the root of your suffering and t
ogether bring balance to your body, mind, heart and spirit.

I offer renewed vitality through:

  • Individualized root cause analysis

  • Personal health coaching and wellness programs

  • Ayurveda, Functional Nutrition, Integrative Medicine Health Coaching

  • Gentle trauma release for powerful transformation

  • Customized nutrition, yoga, meditation and self-care

There is hope…

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"Understanding Inflammation:

Foundational Practices for
Better Health"
Understanding Inflammation e


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I'm Hester Morrissey


I am a Certified Integrative Medicine Health Coach, Functional Nutrition Counselor, Ayurvedic Self-Care Counselor, Vibrational Connector and Spiritual Intuitive.


My mission is to help people like you balance your body, mind, emotions and spirit to overcome autoimmune disease.

Most importantly I understand your suffering and how to turn that suffering into a transformation experience that enables you to live a vibrant and robust life.

Through root cause analysis and holistic coaching, there is hope for you and anyone you know who suffers from the pain, fatigue, anxiety and depression associated with autoimmune disease. Work with me and I will teach you the healing actions you can take today to achieve the balanced body, mind, heart and spirit that you desire.


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FREE Health Assessment

Begin the journey to free yourself from autoimmune disease!

“Hester brings a compassionate spirit to all that she does. She is an avid learner in life and loves to share what has helped in her own life's health journey with those who need her help.

I recommend Hester! ”

Dr. Keesha Ewers PhD, ARNP
Founder of The Academy of Integrative Medicine


I'd love to hear from you

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