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Renew Your Resilience Program
  • Improve your ability to thrive under stress!

  • Lovingly boost your energy!

  • Balance your immune system!

  • Gracefully lose weight!

  • Gently create new self-care habits!

  • Improve your mood!

Periodic detoxification is like a much needed reset for your body. This is a supported resilience boosting program that includes individualized coaching, a detox nutrition plan, nutritional supplements, forgiveness practices, body acceptance, journal exercises and guided meditations. Show yourself love! In just 21 days, you can detoxify your body, mind and spirit while establishing healthy habits to calm your body and boost your wellness.

If you are experiencing fatigue, weight imbalances, aches, pains, autoimmune disease, other chronic disease, or just want to optimize your health, then periodic detoxification is super important for you.  In this resilience renewal program, I will guide you to release physical, mental and emotional toxins to clear your path to wellness.


Experience an inflammation-reducing retreat. You don't have to leave home to get the benefits of a retreat. Join this resilience renewing program to reduce and manage inflammation. If you suffer from autoimmune disease you need to be concerned about persistent inflammation. This resilience renewal opportunity will help you reduce inflammation which lowers your risk for autoimmune disease symptom flare-ups.

In today’s world, we are exposed to many toxins, from food, medications, chemicals in self-care products and in cleaning products. Over time, these exposures build up toxins in the liver and it becomes overworked just like an overworked muscle. Periodically, it needs extra care to balance it's energy and work optimally to protect you from toxins. If you drink alcohol and/or use recreational drugs (or have in the past), you are even more likely to have an overloaded or fatigued liver. Detoxification helps to rejuvenate your liver so it can keep you healthy and protected from future toxic exposure.

According to Ayurveda, periodic detoxification is key to disease prevention and reversal. Accumulation is the most manageable stage of disease progression. If your body has already progressed beyond accumulation to aggravation or disease manifestation, then detoxification can help your body reverse its way out of disease and back into a balanced state of health. This resilience renewal program integrates Ayurvedic self-care with Functional Nutrition and Integrative Medicine for optimal balance.

This resilience program is a great start to your wellness journey and a wonderful way to maintain health each season of the year!

What's included in 21-day bodyNew Renew Resilience Programs?
Core program elements:
Delicious nourishing meal program to nourish your body with ease

Full Color Recipes with simple ingredients and instructions


Grocery List so you can have all recipe ingredients on hand

Daily Meal Preparation guide to make meal prep time a breeze


Shopping Guide with links to all supplements and self care items

•  Program Planner where you can easily plan and track your program 

•  Guided Meditations to support your mental and emotional resilience


•  Writing exercises to forgive more, judge less and fully accept your unique body

•  Self-care Practice Guides to help you integrate new habits

•  Daily resilience renewing emails to motivate you and support a deeper level of self care and discovery

Three programs to choose from!
Each includes all core program elements
VIP Program  BEST VALUE  $197
The VIP resilience program includes all of the core program elements plus three 45-minute individual coaching sessions and a wellness plan tailored to your wellness goals

Community Program $127
The Community resilience program is a great way to save money, make friends and receive support in a group setting. This program includes the core elements plus three 45-Minute group coaching video calls   (requires 3 or more participants)

Do-It-Yourself Program $87
This program allows you to renew your resilience on your own with online portal packed with tools and downloads to support your journey. All core elements are included in a self-paced format. Daily emails and Audio  recordings encourage and guide you through every step of the program. 

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