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90-Day Energy Renewal!

Are you suffering from low energy, brain fog and low sense of vitality?

Join this Energy Renewal program and gain back the vitality you desire!

When you participate in this program, Hester will support your wellness journey with integrative medicine health coaching targeted to your individual health challenges and wellness goals.

Coaching sessions cover tailored education, root-cause analysis, individualized wellness plan and lifestyle recommendations to help you meet your health goals. You will learn to balance your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body to restore your energy.  

What's included:

All sessions can be in-person or through online conferencing

•  1 in-depth Discovery session to clearly identify your wellness timeline, goals, and create a strategy designed for your energy renewal


•  5 one-on-one coaching sessions, and unlimited text and email access

•  Ongoing text and email access to get the support you need

•  Accountability and guidance for a full 90 days, setting you up for success!

•  Integrative Medicine lab testing* recommendations and analysis

  • Identify food sensitivities

  • Evaluate how your adrenal system is responding to stress

  • Identify gut imbalances and dysbiosis

•  Wellness plan tailored to your goals with recommendations and supportive coaching for nutrition, supplementation, exercise, stress management, mental and emotional wellness

•  21-day detox challenge (as needed)

•  Meal planning tips to re-gain energy and vitality

•  Facilitated release of mental traps that burden your energy

​•  Guided Forgiveness practices 

•  Energy medicine education and practice

•  Ayurvedic analysis and lifestyle recommendations

•  Individualized Energy Renewal Wellness Plan

•  Guided meditations to embody new lifestyle practices and beliefs

*Lab fees vary based on need