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Hester Morrissey is a certified Integrative Medicine Health Coach, Functional Nutrition Counselor, Ayurvedic Self-Care Counselor, Vibrational Connector and Spiritual Intuitive. 

I am passionate about helping people navigate the challenging waters of autoimmune disease, migraines and chronic inflammation. I specialize in root cause analysis, individualized wellness programs and loving support for anyone seeking to turn the challenges of life with chronic disease into a catalyst for new beginnings.


I lovingly teach you to cultivate your inner-awareness, wisdom and create space for healing from chronic conditions so you can focus on self-care for your body, mind, heart and spirit. Your healing is magnified by creating the life you want with knowledge, support, accountability and clear intention. I facilitate the purification of your body and mind while inviting loving-kindness to be cultivated in your heart. 

I understand your pain and suffering. I suffered from autoimmunity and inflammation that manifests as Ankylosing Spondylitis, a degenerative disease that affects the spine, sacroiliac joints, eyes, gut, rib cage,  and joints of the extremities like ankles and wrists. If ignored, this disease leads to disabling spinal fusion and limited breathing mobility among other scary impacts. When I was diagnosed I was very shocked because I was living a life that was pretty healthy compared to many and I was extremely scared of the seemingly uncontrollable degeneration of this disease. All I could think was, why me? You might be feeling the same way. It all seemed so mysterious and therefore uncertain and super scary. 

At one point in my life, I was in so much pain and lost so much energy that I was ready to check out. Luckily I did not get stuck there. Shortly after feeling as if drowning in a lake would be a great escape, my kids and family flashed before my eyes. In that moment I knew I wanted to turn this suffering into a healthy, thriving life full of love.

I removed the mystery of this condition and replaced it with knowledge and support from a team that included an Integrative Medicine Practitioner, Naturopathic Doctor, Functional Nutritionist, Neurologist, Acupuncturist, General Practitioner and Energy Healer. Even with this amazing team it was challenging to put all the pieces together. Navigating all of the input was sometimes frustrating to say the least.

Then I learned two frameworks that put it all into perspective and a structure that I could logically apply to my healing process. The frameworks were Ayurveda and Functional Medicine. I combine these frameworks to form an Integrative Medicine approach that works! These complementary frameworks transformed my way of thinking about wellness and more importantly, gave me a way to apply practical and sustainable practices that have changed my life forever.


I transformed my suffering into renewed energy and ease, and am passionate about empowering you with the frameworks of Ayurveda and Functional Medicine to create the vibrant life you deserve.​

I committed myself to learning and applying wellness strategies that alleviate pain, reduce fatigue, clear brain fog, and eliminate many other life limiting symptoms of inflammatory autoimmunity. Through daily body, mind, emotion, and spirit balancing routines I give my body the best chance it can have to renew itself.​

My results have been amazing. I went from pain that was so intense that I was home-bound. I was so limited that sometimes I could only crawl from my bed to the bathroom and back. I was so dizzy, nauseated and foggy that I had to walk with a cane and sometimes required a wheel chair.

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Hester pouring herbal tea

By applying anti-inflammatory, gut balancing, heart centering, life affirming and mental clarifying practices I am renewed. I am living life with minimal to no pain, full energy, steadiness, renewed strength and freedom to help people like you achieve your wellness goals.​

Now I am helping others achieve amazing results too! I can teach you how to renew your life and support you through the journey.

My mission it is to help you overcome the pain, fatigue, anxiety and depression that often accompany Ankylosing Spondylitis and other autoimmune diseases.


There is hope for you and anyone you know who suffers from these conditions.  ​

What sets me apart from other health coaches is that I understand your challenging health experiences and have deep compassion for you.


I combine functional nutrition, Ayurveda, integrative medicine, lab testing, transformational trauma release, lifestyle medicine, emotional freedom techniques and spiritual practices that empower you to transform your health.

I am a certified Integrative Medicine Health Coach, Functional Nutrition Counselor Ayurveda Self-Care Counselor, Vibrational Connector and Spiritual Intuitive.

When you partner with me, you will receive an individualized wellness plan based on your specific situation and goals. You will learn and apply healing actions to achieve the balanced body, mind, heart and spirit that you desire. I will lovingly guide and support you through your journey.


Together we will co-create the life you want, a life where you thrive with a joyous body!

What Other People Are Saying


Dr. Keesha Ewers PhD, ARNP

“Hester brings a compassionate spirit to all that she does. She is an avid learner in life and loves to share what has helped in her own life's health journey with those who need her help. I recommend Hester!”


R. Barnes, Client

"My favorite part about this program and working with Hester is her tremendous knowledge, support, honesty, and compassion. I recommend Hester to anyone suffering from autoimmune disease that is looking to make a positive change in their life. They will be happy that they invested their time and resources in this program!"


Alyssa, Client

"I just wanted to reach out and say thank you! I know and love all the mind and body things but I actually feel like it works and it’s almost instant. I feel so much relief and calmness I can’t express it enough. It’s amazing to feel like I am understanding my body."

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