Tailored to your specific group | Location is Phone, Zoom or in Renton.

POD - Power of your inner Divine Groups

Join a POD to create, love and play in community with like minded people seeking to bring more joy into their life with the support of sacred energy. You will practice heart-centered meditation, holding and receiving your clearest intentions for growth and transformation. Heal from the inside out!
POD - Power of your inner Divine Groups

Time & Location

Tailored to your specific group
Location is Phone, Zoom or in Renton.

About The Event

The Dolphin POD Project came into being for the purpose of assisting Planet Earth in the ascension process of raising global consciousness by spreading the Dolphin energy of JOY, LOVE, HARMONY, PEACE, CREATIVITY, PLAY, CONNECTION, and ONENESS.

As we are the embodiment of these qualities, we have the opportunity to accomplish this and be of service to humanity. Through the creation of PODS (the Presence of Our Divine Self generates the Power of Our Divine Service), we are bringing people together to intentionally spread this energy throughout the universe as we individually experience and express these very qualities, which is who we are.

The Dolphin POD Project takes the form of groups of three people, engaging in 60-90 minute phone conversations every month. During these calls, participants have the opportunity to share with like-minded individuals in a safe, intimate setting.

Listening to others, being heard, feeling acknowledged, and supported by having opportunities to ask for and receive constructive feedback are key elements inherent in the POD experience. It is necessary and of utmost importance to have such experiences for our own personal and spiritual growth and evolution.

Contact me at hester@bodynew.solutions or call 425-908-0668 to explore and join a POD group created to fit you.

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