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Confessions of my messy living room

My favorite work-out and work-in stuff

I must confess that my living room is a mess lately! The good news is that it is cluttered with my favorite stuff for working my mind, body, spirit and emotions! I just can't bring myself to put it all away each day. I used to stress over any mess and needed everything exactly in it's place all the time. Now I can release this unnecessary pressure on myself and just enjoy my mess!

My favorite morning routine includes skin brushing, oil pulling, meditation, yoga, a strength training work-out and a walk in the woods. I mix in sounding with singing bowls and hand drumming as it feels right. I place a big singing bowl at the head of my mat and a smaller one at the other end. Then as I find myself in these locations I sound the bowls to support mental clearing as I do yoga or strength training.

I can do this entire routine in about 90 minutes and feel completely ready for my day. If I need to get out the door more quickly I either shorten the time I spend on some of these activities or I alternate a couple of them to the next day. Every other day I sit in my infrared sauna for 20 minutes and shorten one of my other activities or do my meditation during this time.

Why do I do all this? I'd like to say I do it purely because it feels so good (and it does!), but what motivates me most is that this keeps my system calm and allows my detoxification pathways to flow more freely. Since I have Ankylosing Spondylitis (autoimmune disease that damages the spine, joints, eyes) keeping my system calm is imperative in slowing disease progression and remitting it. However, who couldn't use more calm in their life?!

Additional awesome morning activities to keep your calm: gratefulness journal writing, free-flow journal writing, reading uplifting books, listening to music, dancing, drawing, paining, Epsom salt baths and focusing on a calming mantra.


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