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Be Your Blood Sugar Boss

Blood sugar imbalances are often associated with autoimmunity. Balance blood sugar is required for balanced immune system function.

I have several clients with diabetes and pre-diabetes blood sugar values. This condition may feel different to different people. If you have any of the following symptoms you may have blood sugar imbalances.

• fatigue • headaches • cravings (especially sugar and caffeine) • low energy • mood swings • increased appetite • weight gain

Blood sugar imbalance or dis-regulation can feel like a roller coaster ride that you are strapped into and have not choice but to ride it out. But the truth is that you can take control of your blood sugar through lifestyle practices.

It's time to be the boss of your blood sugar!

Strategies for being your blood sugar boss are physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. When you work with me we will design the best plan for you to address all areas of blood sugar regulation. You are unique and therefore will benefit from a unique approach tailored to you.

In the meantime here are some basic nutritional strategies to get started.

  • keep blood sugar stable with fat/fiber/protein at each meal and snack

  • eat breakfast within one hour of waking and before 10 am (protein and veggies)

  • have small snacks to avoid blood sugar dips (while in the “heal” phase)

  • avoid caffeine and sugar

  • eliminate gluten and dairy

  • reduce or eliminate alcohol

  • small amount of protein just before bedtime

  • whole foods elimination protocol to identify food sensitivities

  • incorporate anti-inflammatory foods - download the free eBook on my home page

  • eat whole foods, herbs and spices

  • diet rich in natural sources of key nutrients (vitamin E, C, magnesium, zinc)

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