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BodyNew Journal - Dec 2020

As I reflect on 2020 I am reminded of all the beautiful resilience that each of you have developed and demonstrated this year. With Covid-19 and all it's challenges you have kept a strong commitment to your wellness. Many of you are managing complicated health conditions such as autoimmune disease and still you are sticking to your wellness journey with honesty and grace. I am grateful for all of you and so honored to be your Health Coach. I am truly your biggest fan!

This year I launched the BodyNew 21 Day Liver Detox online program. Many of you had already experienced the benefits of my 21-Day Liver Detox and now it is available online, packaged for your ease of use and for greater accessibility to anyone who needs it. January is a great time to re-balance with a this 21-Day Liver Detox Program, so if you have not done one in over 3 months, consider taking advantage of this resource.

Open this file to get access to 2020 reflections and a mini-retreat guide.

Dec 2020 BN Journal
Download PDF • 1.75MB


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