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Easy Homemade Coconut Yogurt

One of my favorite ways to get more balance in my gut is with coconut yogurt. Store bought yogurts tend to have additives and excessive sugar. Here is an easy way to add this delicious food to your diet. It's easy, inexpensive and nourishing. For best results, use full fat coconut milk without additives like guar gum. I like Aroy-D brand because it's 100% coconut milk. Read labels to know what you are putting in your body.

Here is how you can make it:

1. Pour a can of full-fat coconut milk into a jar.

2. Twist apart three probiotic capsules and stir the powder into the coconut milk with a plastic, wooden, or ceramic spoon.

3. Cover the jar with cheesecloth or a piece of paper towel and secure it with an elastic band. Now set the jar aside on your counter. After two days, move the jar to your fridge and let it get cold. Eat within 4 days of refrigeration.

4. Mix in your favorite berries and a bit of monk fruit for sweetness

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