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COVID-19 - Why eating less sugar helps my immune system

In yesterday's post one of the tips I mentioned to help boost your immune system was to eat less sugar...but why?

I learned from the Functional Nutrition Alliance that refined sugar actually suppresses the immune function by suppressing the production of white blood cells. Those white blood cells actually shrink in response to the exposure of white sugar. 3 ounces of sugar in any form results in about a 50% reduction in white blood cell activity for anywhere from one to five hours.⁠ It is your white blood cells that fight infections and other invaders of your body. So you need them to be plentiful and strong like super-fit soldiers or large loving warrior Buddhas to fight off the bad guys. ⁠⠀ There are many reasons to reduce and eliminate all refined sugar. Spikes in blood sugar leave your body and immune system working really hard just to keep your energy in a steady state. Sugar puts an extra load on your body that is 100% avoidable and very effective in supporting your wellness.

Just say no to refined sugar!

But I have a sweet-tooth!

Alternative sweeteners like stevia and monk fruit can be purchased and added to recipes to satisfy your sweet-tooth without putting your body and immune system through the roller coaster effects of sugar spikes. Even better, opt for sweet potatoes, carrots, berries, oranges to give you whole food nutrition along with with a bit of sweetness.

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